Dot Holiday and Allianz, world leader in Travel Insurance, cooperated to allow Dot Holiday’s Guests to stipulate a Cancellation Insurance in order to cover you for the costs you would incur in respect of a holiday home rental if you are unable to make the journey.
It’s always possible that things won’t go to plan. For example, if you rent a holiday home or book hotel accommodation and for valid reasons can’t go.

Cancellation costs insurance takes care of the expenses you have incurred for the rental of a holiday home, or for a hotel package, course or seminar. If you’ve to break off the travel package that you’ve booked, for reasons covered by the policy, insurance will take care of the unused portion or else reimburse the cancellation costs. Insurance is therefore recommended if you’re planning to book or have already done so.

The cost is 4% of the net renting price you pay for your stay. Sum insured max. CHF 30.000.- (about same amount in US$).
General conditions available before and in any case after stipulation.

Cancellation costs for rental
Payment of cancellation costs before departure, and refund of the unused part of a travel package (e.g. holiday apartment or hotel) in the event of:
• Serious illness, accident, death or pregnancy complications
• Damage to property at the place of residence
• Delay and/or absence of means of transport on arrival
• Dangers at the travel destination or strikes
• Unemployment or unexpected recruitment
• Valid worldwide.
• Cover will commence on the day that the policy is issued and terminates at the end of the rental, course, or seminar (maximum period of insurance: 3 years).

In case you wish to do it, please just take contact and we will send what you need to stipulate your Insurance.
Please, let us know any question or doubt you have.

Cari Saluti – Best regards

Dot Holiday SA